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Reviews and Articles

Dara Horn – A More Meaningful Way to Remember the Holocaust

Hilo Glazer – A Shoah that Speaks to Everyone

Mira Fox – Can a new ritual shift our relationship to the Holocaust?

Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield – Hitkansut: A new ritual of memory for the Shoah

Shira Hanau – Holocaust survivors are dwindling out. A new Yom Hashoah ritual recognizes that

Michal Govrin – How to Remember the Shoah

🎥 Michal Govrin – From Yizkor to Seder: New Rituals for Yom Hashoah

🎥 Watch the 2022 Hitkansut for Yom HaShoah

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Hitkansut for Yom HaShoah

Haggadah and resources for meaningful Shoah remembrance

The Hitkansut was created at the Van Leer Institute under the leadership of Michal Govrin and continues to grow and develop at the Hartman Institute

As the generation of Holocaust survivors passes, we must find new, meaningful ways to commemorate the Shoah. Similar to the Passover seder, Hitkansut is guided by a Haggadah which weaves together literary texts, testimonies, discussions, prayer, and moments of silence to which participants are invited to contribute their own voices. Hartman North America has lovingly translated the Haggadah linguistically and culturally for the North American audience.

The ‘Hitkansut’ circle at the Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, on the eve of the Shoah Day, 2017

Like so many Jewish rituals, Hitkansut is best experienced as a group: family, synagogue, JCC, or school.

More information, complete Hitkansut Haggadahs, articles and lectures, as well as full recordings of the Hitkansut ceremonies, can be found on the Hartman Institute’s website

To view and download the “Hitkansut” Hagada: