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“Gog and Magog” – Laboratory Work

Laboratory, 1993-1994 | Israel Festival, Leo Model Hall, 1994

The creating artists:

Michal Govrin – establishment of the Gog and Magog laboratory, writing and directing
Frida Klepfholtz – design and presentation
Orna Millo – installation and performance design
Doron Livne – installation design and performance
Eitan Steinberg – music
Aliza Alion-Israeli – writing, acting
Ruth Wieder – voice, acting
Samdar Imor – movement, acting
Benjamin Tzemach – movement, acting
Avi Ashraf – movement, acting
Baruch Brener – voice, acting
Dalit Limor – performance
Amalia Ofrat – acting, marionettes
Mendy Cahan – writing, acting
Peter Porgach – acting
Alan Cantrell – music and playing
Doreen Malin – lighting design

Guest artists:

Bruce Myers – Facilitating the Workshop (December 1993- January 1994)
Serge Ouaknine – research, video installation

“Gog and Magog: Laboratory work” – the full play

At the event, four folding artistic programs were distributed. To download them:

From the brochure of “Gog and Magog – laboratory work” that was shared at the event